Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kendra and friends

I found some pictures which I though would be nice to put up. Kendra with aunty Sonja, cousin Franci, and friends Amber and Hayden. She was loved by so many. Little Amber still talks to her and prays about her.

Branston climbed into bed with us early (very early) this morning and started talking about her. Says his main memory is of her laughing. I am glad that he is talking about her more. We have not pushed him and have let him grieve in his own way. But children are so different to us. I think he will be ok. We will all be ok. I have been having quite a few downs of late and those feelings will never go away but we have to move on and concentrate on our lives.

PS: Branston and Kendra want to wish their Ouma happy birthday for the other day. I wanted to do a posting on the day but it was a bit hectic (emotionally) last week.


suzanne said...

She was a precious gift. Thank you for sharing her beautiful soul with us.
Sending a hug and a prayer from the East Coast of the US.
Hope today found you smiling a little more.

mkime said...

I wish I could make a comment that could match the smile on Kendra's face. But I am actually asking for your help. I am sorry this request comes so close to recent events. My name is Susan, and I am carrying a child with Jacobsen syndrome. Obviously I am searching for all the information I can find. I know it may be difficult for you, but maybe your experience can help us too. My husband's name is Michael and if you could possibly contact us I would greatly appreciate it. Our baby, Aiden's, break is at the same basic point as Kendra's. Thus far, he is not showing signs of congenital heart defects. This similarity, along with our hopes that our child could possibly eat on his own, and other hopes, make me feel that our situations are somewhat similar. I have read your entire blog archive. In reading my heart has truly followed every step, though I know I do not fully understand those steps yet. Quite honestly, things seemed to be going so well that one of the things I am hoping to find out is 'what happened?' I am trying to understand all of the things that can occur, but when reading your blog I was at a complete loss. I know I am asking alot, but you must know how much it means to us. Please e-mail us at my husband's e-mail address:

Emma's Mum said...

Kendra is a beautiful little girl. Thank you for posting the pictures. What a gift....I know that you love and miss her more than words could ever express....

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