Friday, May 05, 2006


Yesterday at exactly 3 seconds and 2 minutes past 1am, if you put time first you had interesting sequence of numbers - 01:02:03 04/05/06. This got me thinking about Kendra (most things do) and her birthdate. She was born at 1am (ok maybe not exactly but thereabouts) on 23 April 2005 which gives you 1:00 23/4/05, or 12345, another interesting sequence. She was also born on 23/4 and died on 24/3. And for good measure, last year my birthday was on 05/05/05. Interesting!!

Speaking of which, today was a strange day. My plan, 2 months ago, was to take Kendra to the therapist at the Downs Syndrome school. We had an appointment for 9am after which there was to be a talk for all mums whose children attended the home program by a specialist of some sort. I was going to take Kendra's nanny with. So I was planning to take the whole day off and just relax for the rest of my birthday. But now, it was just another day. I went to work as usual but could not help thinking about what my plans had been while driving to work. Not a good idea to drive and cry at the same time! Luckily I got there without incident. But otherwise, my husband and son spoilt me with gifts and a lovely home made card. We are going out tonight so hopefully that will cheer me up. Although the weather is really lousy - huge storm going on out there - maybe it would be better to stay at home in bed!

By the way - HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO CARLA.


suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Vannessa. It feels weird to type Happy in light of all of the unhappy you have had, but I do want to wish you happiness and joy, however and wherever you can find it. I will keep you in my thoughts today.

Tertia said...

Happy birthday Vanessa, I hope you have a good time.


Cath said...

Happy birthday sweet lady.

Wishing you all the best.

I know it's a bittersweet day but i know Kendra is smiling down on you from heaven and is proud to have you as momma.


Nobs said...

Hi Vanessa!

Happy birthday for the 5th!

The numbers are interesting - what I noticed was how your 5/5 follows and completes the sequence of Kendra's dates (23/4 & 24/3).

I have just completed the course of Fertomid and am off to the specialist tomorrow to see if I have any little eggs growing. If all goes well, they'll probably do the AI on Sunday. But I don't want to think about that - just want to focus on tomorrow first before getting my hopes up.

(As you have probably noticed by now I'm turning out to be a terrible blogger and haven't posted anything in about a gazillion days). Typical! How I'm going to cope with the discipline of testing my sugar levels several times a day if I fall pregnant I don't know! Will have to walk around with an insulin drip or something...


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