Monday, July 23, 2007

Long time no post

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Strangely I have not really felt the urge to post anything for quite a while. Is that a good or bad thing? I have actually had quite a bit to say on a variety of topics but since this is Kendra's World I don't really feel comfortable using it to air my views on other things. Perhaps I should start a new blog. Perhaps even an anonymous one. What do you think of that? Anonymous mainly because everyone I know reads this blog. Well, they all know about it, they don't necessarily all read it. And there are certain things one does not necessarily want one's family to read, you know.

Anyway, let's talk about babies. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Shawn and Linda on the birth of baby Ethan (look for Ethan Muller in link). He is gorgeous, so much hair! I got to hold him for a while on Friday night. Very bittersweet. I am surprised though how awkward I feel holding other people's babies yet with my own it always felt so natural. Anyway it brought back a few memories and did make me a bit broody, but not enough to convince me that I should have another one. It was also lucky for some that I was distracted with the baby as some very tactless comments were made in general conversation about how lucky someone was to miscarry because the baby had Downs syndrome. Actually the more I think about it, the more it upsets me so I will not think about it. It was just the way it was said that was rather upsetting.

Anyway, a question for those with blogs. Would you be upset if someone who used to link to your blog removed that link? It really should not bother me, it is probably because my blog has become rather boring of late.

Moving on... someone left this comment on one of my posts a while ago and I feel quite bad that I have not responded:
Hi there we have a 5 year old girl who has jacobsen's syndrome, we are looking to make contact with other families to share experiences of this disorder.If anyone is interested leave a contact source and we will be in touch.Thanks Jon and Caroline parents of lucy

Jon and Caroline, will you please send me an email (go to my profile for my email address) as I do have 1 or 2 email addresses which I can give you. If there is anyone else out there who would like to contact them or myself please send me a message.

Oh, by the way, I have recently discovered facebook. Still can't really see the fascination with it, but I am still learning how to use it properly. Anybody want to be my friend?

PS: anybody got any empty coke bottles for me. Go here to find out why.
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