Sunday, October 23, 2005

Busy busy busy...

I have been feeling really bad for not posting anything for so long but life has been hectic.

Therefore you find me in front of the computer on a Sunday night when I should be in bed.

See Kendra in her party dress on the left. Also a pic of her and her nanny, Bulelwa. Week before last on Thursday we took K. for physio again. I especially planned it so that she had already eaten and would not scream from hunger as she did the previous time we went. But 5 minutes into our session the physio stretched K's leg and I think she hurt it so K screamed non-stop for the rest of the session. The nanny, who came with, was not impressed. She does not like the physio! Eventually K was handed over to Bulelwa to pacify while the physio showed me the remainder of the exercises on a doll! Besides the leg stretches we now have to also try and exercise her arms by opening her hands and putting pressure on them. She must also spend more time on her stomach.

Last Saturday was a busy day. In the morning we went to Connor's birthday party. Connor is a very special little boy who has Mytochondrial disorder. He turned 2 and a lot of the people from the special needs support group were there. It was nice to see the children so now when the moms talk about their kids in the group we know what they look like. Makes me realise how lucky we have been so far with Kendra. At least she does not have to have stomach tubes or anything like that. After that party was my sister's birthday party at her place. Amazingly K eventually slept through some very loud music. It was a good party. The next day we went to another birthday party. This time it was Peter who turned 1 year old. Kendra looked very cute in her little party dress.

Yesterday we had yet another birthday party to go to. This time it was Catherine turning 4. Branston had a ball as there was loads for the kids to do. Kendra was a little bit miserable as she has been very crampy lately. I thought that changing over to Nan formula had sorted out the cramps but yesterday afternoon and evening she had them really bad. I bought some Soymilk formula today. Maybe she is sensitive to dairy. If it is still bad tomorrow then we are off to the doctor. Yesterday afternoon I went to a craft afternoon (after the party) at Fiona's place. I belong to this time out kind of club called KKC (Kit Kat Club) and every month we do something, just the girls. This time everyone took some sort of craft and showed the others how to do it. I did not do much as Kendra was not happy and did not want to go to anyone. Poor Janine, we gave her a hard time as she tried to look after K for me so I could do something but K kept crying so Janine got teased for making the baby cry. K was much better today so hopefully this week will also be ok. She kept me up last week 2 nights in a row which is most unusual for her. Wed. night she kept throwing up, could not keep her food down and Thursday nite she was crampy again.

We are supposed to be taking K to hospital to go under anaesthetic so that the eye specialist can take a look at the optic nerves on Weds this week but I may cancel as Gathry may be going to Joburg. I don't really want to take her alone. The worst part of it is that she is not allowed to eat for 6 hours before and it is in the morning so she will wake up and be hungry. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


First pic above is Kendra at 10 days, 2nd is her at 3 months in the same basket. I must still take a picture of her now in the basket. She is much bigger now.

Kendra is losing all her hair! All she has left is a few long hairs here and there as well as a ring of hair by her neck. Hopefully the new hair does not take too long to grow. We have been putting her patch on every second day and you can see an improvement for a while after you take it off, then it goes back the way it was. So I suppose the longer we keep doing it the better it will get. She really hates the patch though. She keeps rubbing her eye with her hand. This is actually great to see as it means that she is developing her coordination quite well.

She went for her vaccination yesterday and was really good. Hardly made a squeak even with the burny one. Tomorrow we go to physio. Branston had his 7th birthday party on Sunday. Hectic!! Not going to have another party at home for a while. No, it was not too bad. I had some help. Thanks to Janine, Lucy, Fiona and Cindy for entertaining the kids. Kendra basically slept through the whole thing. She practically slept the whole day. I think she was making up for Friday night when she kept me up till 1:30am. I thought she was suddenly developing colic but it seems it was a reaction to her formula as she is much better since I changed it. She is having 2 bottles of formula a day now which are apparently producing some very messy nappies. Luckily she has so far saved the worst of it for the nanny.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One-eyed Jack...

Kendra went to see an orthoptist today. This is someone who specialises in the muscle control of the eye. Or something to that effect. She had a good look in Kendra's eyes and K cooperated a bit more this time so allowed her a better look. Plus she had some squeaky toys for K to look at. K has to wear an eye patch! The doc still wants the other specialist to look at K's eyes under anaesthetic just to rule out any major problems but she reckons that the eye patch should help to strengthen the left eye. She has to wear it on her right eye 3 days a week and we must go back for a check up in a month.

Kendra does NOT like the patch one bit! She rubs her eye, either with her hand or against me. This in itself I consider progress as she would not have done it a few weeks ago. She has also found her thumbs and she now has a thumb in her mouth a lot of the time. Her neck is also getting much stronger.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some old pictures

Some pics of Kendra between 0 and 2 weeks old.

Kendra and big brother Branston. Kendra a bit older.

Kendra and Oupa.

Kendra and Branston with Oupa, Ouma, Chelsey and Kayleigh

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