Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One-eyed Jack...

Kendra went to see an orthoptist today. This is someone who specialises in the muscle control of the eye. Or something to that effect. She had a good look in Kendra's eyes and K cooperated a bit more this time so allowed her a better look. Plus she had some squeaky toys for K to look at. K has to wear an eye patch! The doc still wants the other specialist to look at K's eyes under anaesthetic just to rule out any major problems but she reckons that the eye patch should help to strengthen the left eye. She has to wear it on her right eye 3 days a week and we must go back for a check up in a month.

Kendra does NOT like the patch one bit! She rubs her eye, either with her hand or against me. This in itself I consider progress as she would not have done it a few weeks ago. She has also found her thumbs and she now has a thumb in her mouth a lot of the time. Her neck is also getting much stronger.

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Anonymous said...

hi vanessa glad to hear that kendra is doing well as she is in our thoughts everyday. lots of love joanne, peter and the girls

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