Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some old pictures

Some pics of Kendra between 0 and 2 weeks old.

Kendra and big brother Branston. Kendra a bit older.

Kendra and Oupa.

Kendra and Branston with Oupa, Ouma, Chelsey and Kayleigh


Anonymous said...

Hey :)

You have a great blog here, keep up the great work! I'll definitely bookmark you.

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Check it out if you get some time, and I'll be sure to check back here regularly!

Meh said...

Aw, what a gorgeous family! Looking forward to seeing more pics and updates


Jonboy said...

Hi there we have a 5 year old girl who has jacobsen's syndrome, we are looking to make contact with other families to share experiences of this disorder.If anyone is interested leave a contact source and we will be in touch.Thanks Jon and Caroline parents of lucy

Anonymous said...

Which specific genes were missing? My son has a deletion of 11q24.3. The doctor is not diagnosing Jacobsen's because he is not missing all that is typical of the syndrome. My son is 4 months old and I am just gathering information.

Vannessa said...

Hi Anonymous

I am not sure where exactly the break on the chromosome is, I will have to look it up in a file at home somewhere. If you would like to correspond further please send a mail to I would love to hear more about your baby.

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