Thursday, September 29, 2005

Eye doctor

Today we took Kendra to an opthalmologist, also known as an eye specialist - Dr Ancker. Kendra was not all all keen to have somebody messing with her eyes. She was very wiggly and every time the doc tried to hold her eye open (and this was the good eye) she rolled her eyeballs back. The doc put some drops in to make her pupils dilate but she still could not get a good look at the nerve in the back of the eye to see if it is ok. She says that because Kendra does focus a lot of the time that we should just give it a bit of time, rather than putting her under a general anaesthetic, which is what she will have to do to get a good look at the eyes. The doctor also said that we must watch to see how much of K's left eye's pupil is uncovered whenever she is awake. They would only operate if not enough light reaches the eye. Apparently the operation to correct the ptosis is very difficult and they normally only do this when the child is in their teens unless it is absolutely necessary. She said we must take K to see a lady who will have a look at the eye muscles around the left eye (the one with ptosis). So that is scheduled for next week. The week after that is another visit to the physio.

These doctor's visits are draining our medical aid. I think we need to change to a more comprehensive plan.

K's big brother Branston is reading this over my shoulder as fast as I type it. His reading is getting very good. He will be 7 years old in a week and a half. Very clever boy although he is a bit hyper lately. His dad stayed home to spend the holidays with him. But the weather has not been that great so they haven't been able to do as much as they had hoped. (Very difficult to type with someone reading everything out loud as you type)

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