Thursday, September 29, 2005

5 months old already!

Posted on 26.09.05:Kendra was 5 months old on Friday. Can you believe how time flies? We have an appointment with the eye specialist tomorrow so hold thumbs that it goes well and no more ops are required.
We got a few giggles out of her the other day. And she sometimes 'talks' so nicely. It is great to see signs of 'normal' behaviour or rather age appropriate behaviour. We went back to Dr Brown today for a follow up visit (he did the op on her bum) and he says it looks great. We just have to watch that she doesn't get constipated esp. now that she has started on formula. Yes, she has started 1 bottle of formula a day although according to the nanny she refused breastmilk (I express) on Friday so she had to give her 2 bottles of formual. Hmph! Mommy not good enough now that we have a taste for something obviously yummier. Weekend was ok though. I took her and Branston shopping and I gave her a bottle in the restaurant where we had lunch. She was ok with the boob at her next feed so maybe it's just breastmilk in a bottle that she doesn't like.

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