Monday, September 06, 2010

Say what?

This comment was left on my last post:
hey girl. i was meaning to post something really mean at first, but please, try to move on. God bless
Huh?? If you say you were going to post something really mean then don't you think that is really mean in itself? And why was 'Anonymous' going to be mean? Has he/she ever lost a child? Do they know what it is like to carry a life inside you for 9 (8 in my case) months, watch them grow for 11 months and then have them cruelly taken away from you? To tell me to move on and then to say god bless? I don't think they realise that such a comment can be hurtful even after 4,5 years when I am supposed to have moved on. And FYI, anonymous, I have a beautiful baby boy now who I am totally enjoying. If I want to come and express the occasional feelings of longing for the child I lost in this place, which is one place where I put down my feelings about my loss, as you may have noticed I don't post that often, I do not appreciate being told to move on. I use this public forum for this as there are actually people out there that it helps.
End of rant.
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