Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy 9 months

At last, some long awaited pics. I think they speak for themselves. Some of Kendra at her baptism, smiley Kendra and Kendra with Mommy and brother.

Kendra is 9 months old today. She is progressing well, just slowly. More of an update on her progress next time, just wanted to put photos on for now.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dairy or soy?

Kendra has recovered well from her tonsillitis. Although getting the new antibiotics into her was a mission, we managed somehow. This week we took the docs advice and tried using the Nan formula again. No luck. Even on 1 bottle of Nan a day she started getting cramps (esp. in the evenings) again. The last 2 nights I have really struggled to get her to sleep. V miserable. Both of us. I think we are going to have to stick to the soy formula for now. It is quite a dilemma as she should not be dependent on laxatives but on the soy formula she needs them. So it is either a happy, constipated baby or an unhappy, regular baby. Any advice would be welcome.

Otherwise she is doing very well. Her interaction with her family is a joy to see esp. with her big boet (brother). Her face actually lights up when he comes into her line of vision or if she hears him. My favourite time with her is in the morning when she has just woken up. She lies in her cot quietly until one of us comes over to her and says good morning, then we get the biggest smile. Love it!!

I haven't been able to put any more pics on yet as our home PC is not yet fixed and I need to download from the camera. Soon though.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, long time no blog! Our home computer is not working any more so I have not been able to do a post for a while. We had a great holiday, just far too short. Kendra travelled extremely well. Both her and Branston were very little trouble at all on both the trips there and back. The family was very happy to see Kendra and how she has progressed. I did not stress too much about her eating solids while on holiday and once we were back home I changed her breakfast cereal and she has started eating really nicely now. She is on breakfast and lunch and I will soon start her on supper as well.

I have been reading up on the 11q conferences in Europe and USA and they sound really good to go to. This year there is one in San Diego and I would love to go to that but am not sure that we will be able to, financially. It must be really nice to meet other families in the same boat.

Kendra has tonsillitis. She had a fever this morning and I took her to the doctor who said it is her tonsils. She hasn't needed to go to the paediatrician for ages and we went back to the doctor who looked after her while she was in hospital in her first month. It was nice for the Dr to see how much she has grown and she is very impressed with her progress. So she is on a stronger antibiotic than before as well as panado. I was given Ponstel to give her for fever but Kendra is not interested in it. When she sets her mind to not drinking something, you can stand on your head but she will not drink it.

She now weighs 7.9kg. We are still patching her eyes although I am very irritated that I can no longer find the eye patches which I was using. They are no longer importing them and I cannot find any others like them. Now I have to buy tape and cut them out myself, which does work out a lot cheaper so it is not all bad. I will put some more pics up soon. Must just get the PC working.
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