Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dairy or soy?

Kendra has recovered well from her tonsillitis. Although getting the new antibiotics into her was a mission, we managed somehow. This week we took the docs advice and tried using the Nan formula again. No luck. Even on 1 bottle of Nan a day she started getting cramps (esp. in the evenings) again. The last 2 nights I have really struggled to get her to sleep. V miserable. Both of us. I think we are going to have to stick to the soy formula for now. It is quite a dilemma as she should not be dependent on laxatives but on the soy formula she needs them. So it is either a happy, constipated baby or an unhappy, regular baby. Any advice would be welcome.

Otherwise she is doing very well. Her interaction with her family is a joy to see esp. with her big boet (brother). Her face actually lights up when he comes into her line of vision or if she hears him. My favourite time with her is in the morning when she has just woken up. She lies in her cot quietly until one of us comes over to her and says good morning, then we get the biggest smile. Love it!!

I haven't been able to put any more pics on yet as our home PC is not yet fixed and I need to download from the camera. Soon though.

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Meh said...

Kate is STILL on Laxette. I am really struggling with her.

My Paed says that Laxette and Duphalac / Movicol are not habit forming or bad for them, being constipated is worse.

Kate is so bad that I am giving her two powders a morning at the moment. And prunes.

I am going to carry on until she manages on her own. Poor little things

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