Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today was not as bad as I thought it might be, but then I find that when you have prepared yourself for feeling bad, the reality is not as bad as what you were imagining. I went to a talk on ADD and ADHD children tonight (apparently Branston's problem). Firstly I was nervous because it started at about 7:30 and you know what happened at about that time 2 months ago. Secondly the main focus of the talk was about the effect of ADD on siblings. But I thought it might help to meet some people with similar problems and I also told Y that I would go with her. I think being amongst people helped me to try and switch my mind off and try and focus on something else. It was ok.

Now I am trying to download my blog to make sure that I do not lose any of it and I also want to keep all the lovely comments that people have made. I don't know..... I followed instructions but it does not seem to want to work. The blog should come up with a different format and with all posts and comments together on one page. But that is not working... for now. It will probably come right in the night and look a total mess tomorrow. So just excuse it if it looks funny, I hope I can get it back to it's proper state again afterwards.

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