Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Some good news

Kendra with her patch on, with Granny and just looking pretty.

Kendra went for an eye examination today under anaesthetic. She would not hold still for the doctor to get a proper look into her eyes so that had to get her to sleep for it. Such a palava (is that a word?) just for 15 minutes of looking into the eyes. She had to go without food for 6 hours beforehand which meant no breakfast for her as we had to be at the hospital by 7am. I must say I was dreading it but she was a perfect angel. She woke up at 5:30am when I got up and just lay there sucking her hand. She did not even cry when I moved her to the car seat or going to the hospital. The first time she cried was when I had to undress her and the nurse tried to put an armband on. The indignity of those hospital gowns! Anyway the doctor did a thorough exam and said that the optic nerves are fine and that she will not need to wear glasses just yet. They can tell this from an eye exam. So her eyes are ok, just need to work on that lazy left eye. The ptosis (left eye that does not open properly) is something that they would only consider correcting surgically if the lid covered her pupil completely which it does not. Apparently it is a very difficult op. Luckily she will not have to wear glasses as I don't think she would be able to with her funny little ears. They are tiny and very flat on her head.

Other news, the boob is out! Kendra officially prefers the bottle. I have been thinking long and hard about continuing to breastfeed. On the plus side, it is very good for her immune system and for preventing constipation(big plus). It is also very easy and convenient esp. in the middle of the night. On the negative side she has teeth(big minus), there is the leaking and discomfort, and did I mention she has teeth (BIG Big minus) and she's not afraid to use them. And since I stopped taking the Espiride(milk producing tablets) I am not such a good milk cow as I used to be. I also plan on starting her on solids this weekend. She seems to have settled well with the change of formula, no more bad cramping. Although she does seem to get a bit constipated now. Every day when the nanny comes on duty first question is 'Did she poo?' and when I get home it is my first question to her! Amazing how interested one can suddenly become in the subject of poop.

We have physio again next week. The nanny is not happy about it, she does not like anyone who makes Kendra cry!

Thank you to those who have commented. It is nice to get comments and see who is reading the blog. If anyone has anything to say please feel free to comment. Besides family and friends (always nice to hear from you) it would be nice to hear who else has read the blog and is interested in Kendra's story esp. if you also have children with JS. I put the blog into the 11q website so hopefully more people with 11q children will read it.

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