Wednesday, November 23, 2005

7 months today!

Happy 7 month birthday Kendra!!

On Sunday we went to the special needs group braai (barbeque for non-SA readers). It was nice to meet the children behind the moms in the group. I also met some new people I had not met at the groups. There were some children there who made me feel like we are getting off quite lightly, but maybe it is too soon to tell. I am going to start a blog for the special needs group as well so that they can all use it to tell their stories or just to share a special moment.

Today I took Kendra to the orthoptist (kind of eye doctor) again. She is the one who has made K wear a patch 3 times a week. She said she was thrilled with K's progress and that her eye is looking really good. We are to continue with the patch treatment until our next appointment which is on 14 Dec and then she may cut it down to once a week.

We are looking forward to going on holiday on 15 Dec so that the grandparents can see how big the children are now. Branston is also shooting up at the moment. By the way, he told me today that he now knows that there is no real Santa Claus and he is now giving his Christmas list to me so that I can start shopping! Apparently the teachers at school told them this but he says that he knew it in his brain because he is clever.

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