Monday, November 28, 2005

What a pretty girl

Kendra and Branston. Having breakfast. With adoring brother again

Sitting in her bumbo

Aren't I pretty?

Kendra went for a follow up scan of her kidneys today. The doc says that all is ok, yayyyy!! She must go again middle of next year for her next checkup. I forgot to ask him if she must continue with the antibiotics but I know the answer will be yes. He originally said to keep using them till she was 1 year old. Apparently the positive effects (reduce risk of bladder infection) far outweigh the bad. She is on a very low dose.

Her constipation seems to be easing up a bit, but she is on 2 teaspoons of Laxette a day. I think her teeth are really bugging her, she is always rubbing her gums and chewing on her fingers(or mine). We are planning on having her baptised on the 18th December in PE. If anyone is in PE around then, give me a shout and you can join us.

Next doctor's appointment is on 5 December. We are going to see the pediatric neurologist for another assessment. Will keep you posted.

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

Such adorable little girl! I am quite sure she is going to be a wonderful strong young lady in some years from now.

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