Monday, November 07, 2005

Feeding habits

I took Kendra for her 3 month vaccination today (bit late) and she was not impressed. Firstly she was woken up from a nice sleep to go to the clinic and then we started messing with her. She let us know in no uncertain terms what she thought of that! I had to feed her eventually to calm her down.

Speaking of feeding, she has been on Infasoy for about 2 weeks now and it is making her terribly constipated. We started off on S26 but that seemed to give her quite bad cramps then I changed to Nan. It went fine for a while but then the cramps started again so I thought that she might be allergic to dairy, hence the Infasoy. That started off very well but now she is a bit crampy again. Sister Sue says it is probably the constipation and suggest we stay on the formula but give her other liquid as well, like boiled water or Rooibos tea. I have also been giving her Duphalac dry which she says I can continue. Anyone out there with advice on how to sort out constipation?

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Meh said...

We also battled with constipation, in fact we still do. I have been giving them one satchet of laxette (duphalac generic) every morning, plus purity prunes.

when they were little the dr said to give them 3mls of milk of magnesia with some water, that works very well.

and then if things get really blocked, a glycerine suppository works wonders, the paediatric ones

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