Tuesday, April 11, 2006


A few people have asked if we have any charities to which we would like money to be donated instead of sending flowers. At the time we could not really think of any. But there is a lady in my support group who has established a trust to raise money for a centre for children with disabilities. If anyone would like to donate money to this worthy cause then go to the KIDS blog. You can maybe put Kendra and your name in the beneficiary space so that she knows where it comes from. Unfortunately this can only be done locally (in SA), I am not sure how to go about it if anyone from another country wanted to donate money, maybe someone can help me out there.

We are also thinking of establishing a Kendra Meiring trust fund to be used for helping special needs families in various ways, not conflicting with Sheila's trust but to address different things. It will obviously take time to get this established which is why we cannot give you details just yet.


YK said...

Dear Vanessa and Gathry and Branston
It cannot be easy to experience the raw pain you must surely feel being around friends with children. It makes me so thankful and greatful to appreciate the gift of sharing time with my two beautiful kids. I believe that Peter has a special ministry in his loving hugs which he has shared with you so innocently and so caringly. My heart fills with tears of sadness when I feel and experience your yearning and sorrow for your loss. I would so like to remove the pain you are going through. To hear you speak so fondly of little Kendra brings only good memories of the few special times I was fortunate enough to share with her.
Branston is so innocent in his own way and he too is still adapting to the loss of his beautiful little sister.
Know that I think of each of you constantly and that you each have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing your love for Kendra so openly. I just want to embrace and protect you from this pain - if only I could ...
With love, Y

BUDDESS said...

...if only I could also. This is a beautiful comment and you are lucky to have such a wonderful person near you.

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