Monday, March 10, 2008

Old baby things

We hauled some boxes out from the storeroom yesterday to sort out some of Branston's old toys to give to charity. Most of the boxes had baby stuff in them, a lot of it Branston's old stuff but quite a bit was Kendra's too or stuff that we were keeping for her. It still hurts to look at certain things especially those that were specifically hers.
Every time we sort out old things of hers I throw a little bit more out but there are some things I just cannot get rid of. Strange how it feels almost like a betrayal to get rid of things, even if you give them to family or to needy babies. Even things that she never got to use, like her rocking horse (still in the garage).
Almost 2 years, can you believe it!

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liz.mccarthy said...

Thank you for you sweet comment on my blog, I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious angel...From across the world, mothers in loss of their children united.... Liz

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