Saturday, March 15, 2008


It is 6 months since little Chad gave up his struggle. He blessed his parents with 2 days of his life. Lucy, Mike and Jordan we are thinking of you today.

Also thinking of Rosepetal. She is about 2 weeks away from delivering a healthy baby. Please all send all your energy to her, she has been through a really rough time and this pregnancy has not been easy.

If anyone is interested in helping with research for preemie babies then go visit Liz. She is collecting for the March of Dimes. They have a big walk on 26 April to raise money for this worthy cause. Unfortunately I can't join them on the walk, firstly since it is our 40th party that day and secondly, there is a bit of a distance issue! But I will be donating some money, not too much with our terrible exchange rate, but every little bit helps. And it is perfectly easy to do if you go through the link she provides. I gave a little last year and I even got a thank you note in the post (snailmail).


Rosepetal said...

Thanks Vannessa

Anonymous said...

thinking of you

Clarissa said...

Hi V
I can't believe it's almost the 24th - 2 years ago feels like yesterday.
I want to let you know that we are thinking about you, Gathry, Branston & your families. As I've said many times before, I know there's nothing we can do to ease your loss and the pain of separation, but instead we offer you our love, friendship and prayers.
I'd like to share something with you, something really inspiring that the minister said at Chris' dad's funeral. This will stay with me forever. In true Clarissa style, I'll probably get some of it wrong and embellish other bits, but here it goes anyway.
"Remember when you were a young child and had fallen asleep at a friend's house. At the end of the evening your father would gently scoop you up and carry you to the car. You'd awake for just a moment as you were lovingly placed inside the car and would then fall asleep again.
The next time you woke up you'd be warm and safely tucked into your bed at home.
That's what death is like. It's like falling asleep in one place and waking up in another...everlasting life."
May her soul through the love and mercy of our risen Lord, find eternal rest and salvation.
Much love to all of you,
Clarissa & Carl xxx

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