Thursday, February 23, 2006

Measles and Milestones

Ten months old today!! Wow, time does fly. I was still telling people she's 9 months old and now its the end of April already. I took K for her measles injection on Monday. She was a real star. A bit of face pulling and almost crying but it was over in a wink. Her constipation has been causing her more problems than some silly little needle. Had to do some serious poop-pushing at the clinic ie. the sister helped me to help K to relieve herself a bit. I had to go and get some suppositories which helped a lot.

On Thursday last week I had to take her to the doctor as she had not drunk her milk for 2 days, though she was eating her solids and drinking tea. Yup, you guessed it, her tonsils have flared up again. More antibiotics which is what seems to have aggravated the constipation. Ok, enough about her toilet habits, I realise not everyone is as interested as me in how often K poops!!

I was looking at some developmental milestones in a book today and thought I would share how K fits in with them. These are just gross movement milestones. She has reached most of the 3 - 6 month milestones ie follows moving objects with eyes, brings both hands together, smiles in response to your smiles, lifts her head (still kinda wobbly though) and pushes herself up on her hands when on her tummy. She has not really achieved rolling over though or sitting without support. Lying on her back she does kick a lot and plays with her feet. Lately she rolls more to the side but never onto her tummy.

6 - 9 months: Baby should be able to hold head upright in sitting position(yes but still wobbly sometimes) and sit with minimal support(no, needs a fair amount of support but getting noticeably stronger).
Can keep head level when pulled to a sitting position (yes)
Stand on both feet with support (yes! she loves to stand and does so very well)
Feed herself with finger food (no, her mouth is quite sensitive and she is only just getting used to the 2nd level of Purity foods. The sister at the clinic says I need to try her on homemade and finger food so we will have to see what we can do this weekend - she has had cheese curls though)
Able to pass an object from one hand to the other (yes)
Recognises familiar voices and responds (yes, although sometimes she ignores you for a while, in her own world I think)

She has not reached any of the 9 - 12 month milestones yet. She has always had a problem with laughing in that she could not laugh without getting hiccups (apparently a form of reflux) but now she has figured out a laugh which just involves breathing out and is so adorable. She can go for much longer now without getting hiccups but usually they do eventually arrive. The trick is to stop making her laugh before the hiccups arrive! But it does not take much to make her laugh. Especially at her brother. Sometimes she just looks at him and laughs.

And lastly, she is still getting teeth nr 5 and 6 (on top) and all she wants to do is bite. I have to be really careful how I hold her or I end up with teeth marks on my arm or chest. And she is still too young to make her see that it is wrong. I try and give her something else to chew on but she likes material and tends to bite on her bibs and my clothing, which is how she ends up getting my skin between her teeth as well. All I can say is thank goodness I stopped breastfeeding!


Cath said...

She's such a clever little thing! Well done Kendra!

Anonymous said...

She is a clever girl indeed! Well, except for the biting thing ;-)

Join the club Kendra, young Adam is a biter too!


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