Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's day

Kendra seems to have gotten over her tonsillitis for the moment. Hopefully it will stay away. I have my doubts though. I think it is one of the things she is prone to and with her teething in full swing it will probably come back again. She wasn't very happy tonight but I think that was her tummy.

In terms of her development K is doing very well. When we went to the physio last week she was very happy with her improvement. Her legs especially have become much stronger. And if you hold her hands and pull her up, she first lifts her legs and then pulls from her side. She has also taken to straightening out so that she is standing when you do this. Still a little wobbly but standing nonetheless. We just have to work on getting her to flatten her feet as she likes to curl her toes inwards whenever anything touches under her feet. Another thing we have to work on is getting her to put weight on her arms. Like when she sits (with help) we have to put her arms to the front so that she can lean on them. Also have to get her to open her fingers when doing this but that is quite difficult as she prefers to clench her fists.

But she is holding things now and transferring from hand to hand which I am very pleased about. She will hold a rattle and move her arm around quite vigorously whenever she feels it in her hand. Knocking herself on the head a few times as well, so we give her the smaller rattles like the plastic keyrings, so she is less likely to knock herself out (kidding, just makes herself cry).

I am busy setting up a blog for the special needs group as well. We met last week and it was nice to see those that were there again after a long Christmas break. Every time I go I seem to learn something, whether it is some sort of treatment someone is using or the name of a good doctor or something. But I also leave feeling that there is so much I need to know and so much that these seasoned moms can teach me that 1 hour a month is just not enough. I am hoping that this special needs group blog will help with that as people can put all sorts of interesting things online. See link to this blog - KIDS(Kindness Inspired Dedicated Support).


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Great to catch up on your news and what wonderful progress Kendra is making. She does have a very proud "big" brother.


Cath said...

so glad to hear this!


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