Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tonsils again!

Kendra has tonsillitis again. Took her to the doctor on Thursday with a bit of a temperature. She gave us a different antibiotic which Kendra seemed to like at first but lo and behold, after the second taste she decided she hates it. But I have tricked her, I now put about 50ml of her milk into a separate bottle and put the meds in that. Works like a bomb. This antibiotic upsets her tummy quite a bit so now she has the runs, which makes a bit of a change from constipation I suppose. She did not have a good night last night and is still not very happy today. A bit feverish. We tried to get a urine sample the other day so that we can test for bladder infection but those bags don't seem to work very well on her. No luck! Anyway we will see how she is later today. If she is still hot, I will have to contact the doctor again.

I have added a link to an article written by a mother of a Downs syndrome child called 'Welcome to Holland'. You must read it. Excellent way of looking at having a special needs child.

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Cath said...

Poor Kendra! Sending her much love and you much strength!


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