Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time for an update

This is Kendra having her first taste of pawpaw. Don't think she liked it very much! We have not been very adventurous with our eating since then. It is difficult enough just getting her to eat her purity at mealtimes. Somedays she will eat (with some persuasion) and others she just refuses. She has also gone off her breakfast cereal. I have tried some different types of porridge but she is not terribly interested.

It has been a while since the last update, my apologies, things have been a bit hectic. Last week we went to see some professor at Panorama medi-clinic. The paediatrician got us to have Kendra's head x-rayed and said we should take the xrays to him. She was a bit concerned about the head shape and the fontanelles. The prof. had a look and he says everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about. She has slight indentations on the side of her head which he says may have something to do with the Ptosis (eye not opening). He says that we should speak to the neurologist next time we see her about maybe doing a brain scan just to make sure everything is ok there but he says that we don't have to rush into it.

Also took K to physio again last week. We are now concentrating on getting her fingers to open more and trying to flatten her hands and put some pressure on her arms as she is a little concerned about them. I need to find a mat like they use at physio as K rolls to the side much easier on the mat than on the mattress at home. I think they are quite expensive though. I must get a list of suppliers from Petra (physio).

This coming week we have an appointment to have K's eyes checked out again. We have been patching now for about 6 months and I think we will still have to for quite a while longer as the eyes are still not focussing. We will also be going to see someone at Chere Botha's school for the disabled. Hopefully she will be able to give us some guidelines on how to improve K's general development. The physio suggested that we see an OT (Occupational Therapist) as well so that appointment is for the following week. It just never ends!

Kendra is being much more responsive now. She takes more interest in what goes on around her and if you give her a rattle she really shakes it. She has had quite a nasty cold this past week and her nose has been very blocked up. Shame, even when feeling so miserable she is still such a sweetie! Full of smiles and still sleeping through (touch wood, she wasn't very happy this evening).


Cath said...

YAY! look at that big clever girl!

i dont do paw paw much either Kendra - demand bananas!

Tertia said...

She is so fair! Such lovely blonde hair. Gorgeous girl.


Kirsten said...

What a cute expression! I landed up wearing Carl's first bite of pawpaw

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