Thursday, May 22, 2008

It never rains, it pours...

Can everyone send some positive vibes to my dad in St Dominics hospital in Gonubie, SA? He had a heart attack AND a stroke on Wednesday and some seizures. I am with my mom at the moment, my sister and I flew up to be here and my brother is flying in tomorrow morning.

Going into ICU again brings back a lot of old memories which I would have preferred to keep buried. All the machines look the same as those used on Kendra, except the ventilator which he is on. He is still quite heavily sedated but he does seem to be aware of us some of the time, so hopefully the stroke was not too bad. His right side does seem to be quite strong. He has had to be tied down as he has been thrashing around quite a lot and probably trying to pull the tubes out, knowing him. It is really not very pleasant to see him like that, especially for my mom. But it is important for him to know that we are there for him so we have to go. Trying to get the info we need out of the doctors and nurses is another story. Talk about arrogant doctors! What a mission.

And of course, the car had to choose now to go and give up the ghost as well. The clutch was busy packing it in so we had to send it in to the garage this morning and had to hire a car so we can get to the hospital.


Steffi said...

Oh , I am so sorry to hear about your dad´s heart attack ! I wish him all the best and hope he ffeling soon better.My thoughts are of course with you and your family too!


Anonymous said...

Oh Im so sorry to read about your Dad. I hope hes much better soon.


Lou said...

I hope your Dad is much better this week and that you and your family are all coping okay. Thinking of you xx

Rosepetal said...

Vannessa, I'm really sorry this happened. Sending positive vibes your Dad's way

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