Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a change!

Picture 1 was taken 2 days after he went into hospital. Picture 2 yesterday. I would like to thank everyone who has been asking after my family and myself and all who have been sending prayers and healing my dad's way. He has made an amazing recovery. He went home today and, although very weak, is doing very well. Especially for someone who had a heart attack and a stroke. His speech is a little slurred but that could just be because his tongue was injured during one of his seizures. There does not appear to be any paralysis at all. Pretty miraculous, I would say. Now he just has to eat well and listen to the doctor and he can be healthy again. I know he can do it.

It was hard going into the hospital so often and especially into ICU. But I think I just blocked out the old memories. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to face things like that and once you have done so, it gets easier. I think having been into hospitals a few times in the last few years definitely helped.

Anyway a big thank you to everyone.


Rosepetal said...

so happy to read this. hugs

Anonymous said...

Your Dad looks so much better. Fingers crossed hes home soon.


Charne Trollip said...

Hi there I am based in East Lonodn, if there is anything you need me to do for you family please just let me know


Heléne said...

Hello there, I am a Swedish mother and I have a daughter with Jacobsens syndrome. You can visit our blog at:

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