Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Chad born

Baby Chad was born this morning to Lucy and Mike. Their little girl's heart stopped beating sometime between Monday and Wednesday's scans. Baby Chad weighs 400 grams (14oz). That is a teeny tiny baby. Now he really needs those prayers. Apparently his growth from Monday to Wednesday was phenomenal and he is strong.

The doctors here answered our question about birth certificates. If a baby is stillborn and under 400g (14oz) then they are considered a miscarriage and are removed with the placenta, not requiring a birth or death certificate. For a baby over 400g they are required. Little Chad definitely needs a birth certificate, let us hope that is all he needs.

Now we not only have to pray for survival for little Chad but that he does not have health and development issues. I am not generally a praying kind of a person but whatever it takes, lets do it...


Catherine said...

I'm not so sure anyone hears my prayers, but I will send them out into the universe nonetheless.

Rosepetal said...

Oh Vannessa. I posted in the last post before reading this.

I'm so sorry. I hope that baby Chad will pull through.


Rachel said...

I am praying for them!

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