Saturday, September 09, 2006

K is for Kendra

I made this as a little something to wear close to my heart that makes me think of my baby. It is made of art clay silver and we (a group of friends and I) attended a half-day course and all made some lovely silver jewellery. Neat, hey?

Edited to add: Please note that the time on these posts is not the actual time. The server where these things are stored is in the USA or somewhere and it does not keep SA time. It is actually 5:30pm now.


Anonymous said...

To my daughter Vannessa
How does a mother put into words (as you have) what she is feeling. For me it is very difficult. The words come to mind, but when I decide to sit down and write, they are gone and I have so wanted to tell you on the phone or write, but just haven't been able to do so.
Anyway, I want you to know how proud I am of you. How you coped so well with Kendra, you and Gathry. You both gave her the very best you could. I never thought you or Gathry would manage a special child, but she was accepted, without any qualms, into your hearts. I think both of us Grannies did not want to accept that this lovely little Grandchild of ours was not perfect (I think I'm only admitting that now to myself), but, oh, how she crept right into my heart, and her Ouma's too, I'm sure - happy, sweet, always smiling little Kendra.
Often when we chat on the phone I have wanted to ask certain questions about how you are coping and then don't in case I get all silly and emotional. How I wish there were not so many km between us, so we could just chat or go to the Memorial Park together or just sit and do our scrapbook albums together and compare our pages. I have done 26 pages and still have more to do.
So, it's the 24th again and 6 months gone. Sometimes it feels much longer and yet at other times just like the other day, like at christmas, when she was smiling at me.
Well Ness, keep strong, but crying does help and heal (so it is said). I'm always here if you need to talk. Love you so much.
Love to Gathry and Branston.
Lots of love - Mom

Marcia said...

What a beautiful letter from your mom.

I stumbled over here from Tertia's blog.

Just wanted to say about the time and date thing - there is something you can change on the blogger dashboard. Go to settings and you can adjust the date and time - I use Africa - Jhb - something like that.

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