Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eight today

Wow, eight today!  7 years and 1 month ago we lost something very precious to us.  Sometimes it just seems so inconceivable that we are in that group called bereaved parents.  Time definitely does help to heal the wounds of the heart but they rip open so very easily.  Seeing any parents losing a child, no matter the age of the child, brings back the memories of those dark days.  It is much easier to talk about Kendra now though every now and then something stabs at those wounds.

We are going out to the memorial park later so we can celebrate her birthday.  It is still hard to explain to Mitchell about his sister who he will never meet.  I must say on days when Mitchell is being particularly difficult(and boy, does he have days!) I sometimes make myself think of Kendra and be thankful that he is still with us and that Branston got to experience a normal sibling bond.  His experience with Kendra was cut short way too soon and he never really understood that she was not developing normally.

One of the things I really wish is that we can know how she would have turned out had she lived.  What would she have looked like, how much of a developmental delay would she have had?  Would she have been able to walk, to talk, to eat normally?  I guess we'll never know.

Happy birthday my little angel, miss you.


Clarissa said...

Just popping in to say that we're thinking of you today, Kendra. I spent the morning with this overwhelming feeling that today had special meaning. I checked my diary, birthday book etc. and just couldn't figure it out until your mom reminded us that it was 8 years today that you left us to go live in heaven.
I would have loved to have known you today. I'm sure you would have been just as loving and beautiful as when I last saw you...I'm sure you would have developed a mischievous side too :). Anyhow, I just wanted to say that you are not forgotten and you are missed. You will always remain a blessing to all who knew you and to all whose lives you touched in one way or another.
With much love, Clarissa, Carl and Peyton xxx

Clarissa said...

Happy birthday, Princess Kendra! We were thinking of you today and I told Peyton all about how you used to make us smile every time we saw you. I know you had a wonderful day today as I know you're living in the most beautiful place imaginable with all of God's children, so we're happy you're at peace and having a ball. Just wanted to say we miss you and that we're celebrating with you today. Love Clarissa, Carl and Peyton xxx

Clarissa said...

10 years old today - boy does time fly! Happy birthday sweet princess. Thinking of you, and am certain that you're having a wonderful celebration in heaven.
With lots of love and kisses, Clarissa, Carl & Peyton xxx

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