Monday, March 26, 2012

6 years gone

Hard to believe it's been 6 years since our little angel left us.  We went to the memorial park on Sunday.  Rather sad that there are so many graves now of people we knew.  We do the rounds and leave a flower for each of them every time we go there.  It was quite busy there on Sunday, very nice weather I suppose for a visit.  I find I am not reading the blogs I used to read so much of moms who lost babies/children, I suppose it is partly me moving on and partly not wanting to relive some of those days.  I do still have my moments but definitely fewer and further between.  It is getting easier to tell people about Kendra but sometimes I still get a bit choked up, I think it depends on the reaction of the person I am telling.  I find myself withdrawing more from the support group as well, though I am still involved.  And last year when Connor died, and the previous year, Aidan, man that was hard.   All those feelings come back again because you know those parents are going through them and it just comes back again.   I have been trying to update our new blog but am really, really slack.  I spend more time reading other people's blogs than updating my own.  I must really make a plan! 

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