Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6 years old

A bit of a belated birthday this year, little angel.  This does not mean that we are forgetting, by no means.  We went away for Easter and were at your Ouma and Oupa's house on your birthday.  We bought you a cake though it was a bit rich for me, but the kids enjoyed it.  I hope you know that Mommy and Daddy and Branston were thinking about you all day and wishing that you could be here to celebrate with us.  

Then it was Daddy's birthday and then Mommy's and then another Mother's Day without you.  Daddy and Branston spoiled me and little Mitchell was entertaining but it would have been so nice to have a little girl thrown into the mix, much as I love my boys.  A six year old little girl.  No matter whether you may or may not have been walking or talking by now - nobody can say what you would have looked like or how you would have progressed.   I wish I knew what you would have looked like now - gorgeously blonde like your little brother with plenty of curls, gentle like your older brother, still as smily as ever.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Love you.

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Lisa Robertson said...

You are a very special family indeed and I pray that God continues to give u strength each and every day. Kendra is lucky to have such a special mom who thinks of her and loves her always.
I will pray for u all. God bless u always, tons of love Lisa Robertson xxxx

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