Friday, March 09, 2007

Group meeting

What a busy week! My in-laws have been visiting the whole week and my mom came down on Tuesday for the Cliff Richard concert. So Tuesday night was Cliff Richard, Wednesday night I went to book club and Thursday night was Special Needs Group. That was rather an emotional meeting. We had a new member so we did the rounds and each told our story. I was fine until I was asked how I am doing now and then tissues had to be handed out. D had a very bad day between organising 3 operations in one, doctor's visits for one, emergency call from school for the other one and then a car which decided to roll back into 2 others. All in one day. Ryan (cerebral palsy, 21 yrs old) gave a lovely speech which had the new mom in tears. Her son was hit by a car last year and he is now brain damaged although they told her that he would not make it and he has amazed them all. M is pregnant and is waiting to find out if the baby has the same syndrome as JP. G also had a bad day but did not go into details. I think it was a support meeting in the true sense of the word.

Certain things came up in the meeting which I must remember to discuss sometime, specifically religion. It can be quite an interesting topic in a group like that. But right now it is hot, late and after very bad service in a restaurant I am going to go to bed. The next week will probably be quite busy as my sister is getting married on the 17th. Tomorrow night is her hen's party which promises to be a lot of fun. And the 24th is looming. I opened my diary of last year to today's date to write something down and in there were the details of Kendra's first visit to the Cherie Botha school. Kind of gets to you.


Lou said...

Dying to hear all about the meeting, particularly everyones views on religion which IS a very difficult topic in a group like this. I was so sorry I couldn't make it and really hope to make it sometime in the future! must be so therapeutic to be able to tell your story like that to people who "get it".

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for being you and so open about your life and your journey. Been thinking of you/Kendra a lot, probably because we are in the month of March.
Would love to also hear other's views on religion.
lovies always

clarissa said...

just wanted to send big hugs and lots of love your way...
love c.xx

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