Monday, January 22, 2007

Another farewell

A very sad farewell to little Meah. She was one of our special children in our special needs group K.I.D.S. Meah passed away while in the hospital with pneumonia on Saturday. She was about 2 years old. Can everyone please spare a thought for Deidre and her family tomorrow. The funeral is at 10am.

It will be very hard but I feel that I have to go to try and give as much support as I can. Although I am not sure if I will be of any help to anyone. I will be giving more of an update of how 2007 has been for me later. Now is not the time.


nicole said...

Meah, i showed Angel your picture yesterday and told her that you went to heaven. She asked me why and i said that Jesus wanted you back. She threw a mini tantrum and shouted "I want to go to heaven!". I told her "You will go sweetpea, when its your turn".
Deidre, i didnt sleep at all last night, i had you and Meah on my mind. I cant imagine what you must be going through, but i know it must be devastating. Please remember that as much as Meah was a special gift to you, you were also a special gift to her. You are the bravest and strongest person i know. I still keep getting this vision (if you can call it that) of Meah running and laughing, no disablility, no more suffering. Meah we will miss you dearly, but will always remember that angelic smile and courageous spirit.

Anonymous said...

Their's is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are our children.
Sincere condolences to Diedre.
Blessings upon you all.

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