Saturday, February 09, 2008

Butterfly visits

Remember I spoke about butterflies once before and how some people say they are spirits visiting? Well, we had a visit by a butterfly yesterday and once I mentioned that it could be Kendra visiting us, then Branston got keen on the idea and was saying that even it's colours were Kendra's favourites. He gets this from the Tigger that was next to her changing station I think. And the fact that the butterfly had a broken wing and could not fly properly was another similarity. I actually rescued it out of the pool where it was sitting on the pipe being dragged through the water. Then it was climbing all over us (see Branston's chest between the wrestlers). I put it onto this 'singing pig' which used to be Kendra's and it was quite happy to just stay there and not try and fly whereas before it kept trying to fly. This morning it climbed up my hair and I was walking around with a butterfly on my head! Weird! Anyway, I thought I would put it outside in a tree but it obviously tried to fly again and when I found it, it had died. I think it was too hot for it outside. Does anyone know anything about preserving butterflies? Maybe I can keep the wings or something. I know it seems silly, it was just a butterfly that got lost but if we want to live in our dreamworld and believe Kendra came to visit then why not?

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Anonymous said...

You could always call Butterfly world and get some advice.
Just a thought - I've had some jewellery made with butterfly wings.
love always

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