Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey, strangers

I know, I have been very bad with blogging. Shocking in fact. But my excuse is that my FIL is staying with us (3 months now) and the computer is in his 'bedroom'/the study and he usually goes to bed quite early. I blog quite a lot in my head though, it just never seems to get to the computer. I could write up a whole blog post in the shower but by the time I get to a computer I cannot remember it. Anyway, besides that....

A HUGE BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine and her family on the birth of little Myles. They have been through so much over the last 2 years they really could do with some happiness. I have been following Cathy's blog since May last year when I had just lost Kendra and she had just lost Travis. I have been really nervous every time I went on to her blog lately in case there was bad news. Strange how you can feel so connected to a stranger and feel so happy when things go right for them.

On the downside, I am adding a link on the right to Alida's blog. We were colleagues, then she became a client and now she has cancer. She was very supportive when Kendra died and it was quite a shock to hear of this. I must say that I like the last few words of her summary - 'my winning battle'. It is so great how positive she is and it sounds like her family are real troopers too. You go girl!!

Tertia asked me to participate in a combined blogging effort about grief and how we handle other people's grief. A few bloggers will each put our posts up on Sunday and link to each other so that you can get some different opinions about the subject. Join us then.

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