Tuesday, May 08, 2007


A friend of mine, let's call her Dragonfly, has been seeing Kendra in her dreams. The first time she saw her walking with an older woman and was very excited because she was walking and the older woman said she is looking after her as I have other things I need to do. She had another dream more recently where she saw Kendra with the same woman but Kendra was a bit older and was running around and had pigtails. Some of you may not believe in visitations from loved ones in dreams but I think I do. I have read some very interesting stories about this. And I have always been rather sceptical of psychics and tarot card readers, but I had a tarot card reading done a while ago by a woman who also claimed to be a psychic. She also saw a little girl in pigtails running around. And a bunch of other things but I'll talk about them later. Something interesting that Dragonfly said Kendra told her in her dream was to look out for butterflies and to think about her a lot. Of course that I do already but interestingly enough, last week Monday I took Kendra's nanny to the memorial park (she had not been since we sealed the grave) and while I was busy with the flowers a white butterfly landed on the flowers and was flitting around from 1 to the other. It stayed for quite a while and then flew off. Interesting also because it is not butterfly season at the moment. I do believe my baby was saying hello from heaven.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.
love Kerry

Tertia said...

that is so beautiful, i definitely believe that too. wow, how special! i feel all happy inside. so pleased to read this, i really really believe that this is her talking to you


Anonymous said...

Hi Vannessa,How beautiful!! I have no doubt that it was Kendra saying hello. I bet you will start to notice just how many butterflies are around and how she is never far from you.
Love Jodie, Ben and Charli xo

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