Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas my angel

Isn't it sad when the only new Christmas pictures you can post of your baby are these?
I miss you so much my little Kendra, especially now.
We all miss you.
You would have been 20 months old now. I wonder if you would have been sitting or crawling? I don't think you would have been walking yet but who knows? I certainly don't and I never will. I suppose it makes it easier to think that wherever you are now, you can run and skip and jump. I tell myself that when I am feeling sad, but the thing is I just don't know. I have to believe that I will see you again or I will go mad with the sadness of it all. I just miss holding you right here and now. Empty arms. They feel so very empty sometimes.
Your brother is visiting Ouma and Oupa and all your PE cousins at the moment so the house is very empty and quiet. I hope you are watching over him so he doesn't miss us too much. I know he misses you a lot.
Time to go before I get too sad. Ooops, too late! I love you my baby. Merry Christmas.


Gathry Meiring said...

Firstly, I would like to praise Vannessa on being a strong, wonderful, caring and inspirational mother and wife. We have been together for 17 years and never have I had one moment of regret. This year has been the worst and we can only be grateful that we have Vannessa’s strength and unique personality to support us.
Thank you to my very special wife, partner and friend.

Secondly, Sitting at the Christmas Table having the whole Family there except my sister made me realise that we need to reach out to the parents with living kids to prevent devastating regret should they experience the death of a child. My sister’s kids where at the table without their mother or father because of divorce, family disagreements, etc, etc.

If you read this and know people who are neglecting their children maybe show them to one of these may blogs so that they can feel the heartache because they need to cherish what they have regardless of the irrelevant “situation” that they are in.

Thank you for the support you have given Vannessa and hopefully 2007 will be a better year for all.


PS. Vannessa, I would like you to post this message.

Tertia said...

I've been driving past Durbanville Memorial Park quite a few times recently. And every time I drive past, I think of little Kendra and send her a piece of my heart.

She lives in all of our hearts.


Anonymous said...

dear gathry and vanessa

i just want to thank you for making a special trip to come to p.e this year for christmas i know it couldn't have been easy but i know mommy loved having her family around one table again. I would like you to know that i still log on to this site as kendra is and will always be my thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful new year. love joanne

Rosepetal said...

Vannessa, I also think you will meet Kendra again one day. She is in another world and you will find her again. In this other world, who knows how fast time goes by? Maybe only an instant will have gone by for Kendra by the time you find her again.

Kendra has obviously created a lot of love in this world. I wish you peace and happiness for 2007.

Lou said...

Vannessa and family, I was thinking of you this Christmas and I just wanted you to know that I really care and hope you can reach the point of being able to experience Christmas and other holidays and events without tremendous pain being present. Time will help you - and so will all the people who love you. 2007 is your year! Sending you all my love and hugs,

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