Monday, December 12, 2005

Speech therapist etc..

I took Kendra to the speech therapist and basically she did not tell me a huge amount. Just some guidelines for feeding and said to stimulate the inside of the mouth with finger or baby toothbrush. She is very young, doubt she has kids of her own so I think it is a little hard to take advice from her. We'll just take it slow and see what happens.

Silly season is definitely upon us, I went to a book club lunch on Sat. as well as a Christmas dinner with friends, both of which were thoroughly enjoyable except for a bit of screaming from K. At lunch she decided to have a real screaming session which lasted about 45 minutes before she fell asleep. She always seems to do this when I don't have all her stuff with me, like Teejel, dummy etc. Not that she takes a dummy. Then at dinner she also had a bit of a crying session. Yesterday I found that her top teeth had started coming out which explains everything. Poor baby, she had good reason to cry!

I have a really, really sore throat, hope I am not coming down with something. Only 3 (maybe 4) sleeps before we leave on holiday. Just cannot afford to be sick now. Going to bed now, goodnight.

PS: Doubt there will be any more posts until we come back from holiday. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

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